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Getting started with ABA therapy may seem like a daunting process. But at Comprehensive we maintain a separate department dedicated to guiding you through it all. Following are the steps towards obtaining coverage for our services:

1 Intake

You reach out to our intake department to obtain an application, and submit all requisite patient information including the doctor’s diagnosis and your child’s insurance card.

5 Therapy

One of our BCBAs develops a plan of care, which is then executed by a dedicated aide. The approved weekly therapy hours also include supervised oversight by our BCBA.

2 Certification

Comprehensive connects with your insurance carrier to certify they cover ABA services. We then assign a therapist to your case – their nationality and type based on your preferences and family needs – and ensure your carrier qualifies them.

4 Approval

Your carrier’s clinical department processes our evaluation, and approves an average of 15-25 therapy hours per week based on your child’s needs and in accordance with our therapist’s assessment.

3 Assessment

Following the carrier’s authorization, we perform an in-depth, at-home assessment of your child. This may take a total of 8-12 hours, depending on the specifics of the case.


Comprehensive’s ABA therapy makes a difference in the lives of every family member. As your child progresses, your entire family unit grows happier and healthier.

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